Meet furniture that wants to hang out

– An exhibition is a natural part of presenting this kind of scientific results, there are works which require exhibition in their physical form, says Clemens Thornquist, professor at the Swedish School of Textiles and one of the organizers behind this year’s exhibition.

One of the exhibited objects is a sitting pouf that breathes. Another example is a chair that acts like an exotic bird – as you approach, it changes color and emits sounds. The possibilities are aplenty when technology and design meet, which will be visualized in the exciting exhibition at the Museum of Textile History.

Facts: Ambience’11

The opening of the Ambience’11 conference is a vernissage of the exhibition on November 27th. The conference is based in four scientific fields: digital architecture, interactive design, new media arts and smart textiles.

The exhibition at the Museum of Textile History is open to the public.

Key note speakers:

Alex Adriaansens
Director – V2_ Institute for Unstable Media (Arts and Crafts industry)

Nancy de Freitas
Editor-in-Chief, Studies in Material Thinking Associate Professor, Auckland University of Technology

Jenny E. Sabin
Architectural designer, artist and educator, Jenny Sabin Studio

Read the entire program:

Times and places:

Conference: November 28-30
The Pulsen building, Nils Jakobssonsgatan 5, Borås

Exhibition: November 27-30
The Museum of Textile History, Druveforsvägen 8, Borås

Media contact:
Therese Rosenblad Eriksson, Communication Officer at The Swedish School of Textiles/Smart Textiles
phone: +46 (0)33-435 45 23 cellphone: +46 (0)732-305960