Material news in the Textile Material Library 

The Textile Material Library, TMB, is where one can find all kinds of textile material and product samples. This makes it a natural resource and sounding board for problems and ideas related to product development, all the way from initial ideas to complete textile applications and products. The library is an interface and market window between academia, research and the business community and also a place where people with different kinds of expertise meet and exchange thoughts and ideas – not least the partners of the Smart Textiles Initiative. THe TMB is a neutral forum and part of the Prototype Factory.

Feel free to visit Galleriet and explore a multitude of exciting textile material samples.

New material samples


From the left: Isabelle Cabral , Smart Textiles, Thermochromic origami, Marjan Kooroshnia, doctoral student, Smart Textiles – Doctor’s mask with thermochromic print, Mejt – belt for a mobile phone with screening properties, STDL, Smart Textiles – Thermochromic pouffe, Swerea/IVF – Phase-Change Material, Design by Marcus – chair upholstered with form-knitted fabric, TST Sweden – UHP material in protective suit, HIVE – Woollen carpet inspired by architectural contours, BARK CLOTH – Textile made from bark fibres, SealNGlide – ultrathin canvas. Lama Concept – Fake-fur punched through to resemble expanded metal, Kaynemaile Ltd – Ring mesh made in Makrolon