Major names from the industry in the new Steering Group of Smart Textiles 

As the Smart Textiles Steering Group convenes for its first meeting at the University of Borås on the 27th of February, its new members will be presented.
– We have added expertise we believe may be able to further strengthen the Initiative when combined with that of the knowledgeable co-workers and researchers already working in the Initiative, says Ola Toftegaard, who has recently been elected Chairperson of the Steering Group.

With textiles as the common factor, Smart Textiles will find that potential business and development opportunities exist in all business sectors. This is why three new areas of expertise have been added to the Steering Group: interiors and textiles represented by Joachim Lindqvist, IKEA, sports and textiles represented by Magnus Berggren, CEO 8848 Altitude, and medicine and health represented by Tomas Wallén, CEO at the Södra Älvsborg Hospital.
– With the expertise brought along by the new Steering Group, Smart Textiles stands an excellent chance of continuing the positive development it is seeing today. The arrangement with continual company-driven development projects and a clear focus on commercialisation and growth for its partner companies is very appealing, Ola Toftgaard says.

A complete list of the members of the Smart Textiles Steering Group:

Chairperson: Ola Toftegaard, Toftegaard Consulting.

  • Magnus Berggren, CEO, 8848 Altitude (area of expertise: sports and textiles)
  • Erik Bresky, Head of School, Swedish School of Textiles/Process Manager at Smart Textiles, University of Borås.
  • Björn Brorström, Rector, University of Borås.
  • Lena Brännmar, President, the Sjuhärad Association of Local Authorities
  • Joachim Lindqvist, Business Area Manager, IKEA of Sweden AB (area of expertise: interiors and textiles)
  • Mats Lundgren, Managing Director, FOV Fabrics AB (textile manufacturing)
  • Susanne Nejderås, Deputy Process Manager, Smart Textiles, University of Borås
  • Helena L Nilsson, Head of the Unit for Research and Technology Development, Region Västra Götaland
  • Per-Erik Petersson, CTO and Deputy CEO, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
  • Pernilla Walkenström, Deputy CEO, Department Manager Textiles and Plastics, Swerea IVF
  • Thomas Wallén, CEO, Södra Älvsborg Hospital (area of expertise: medicine and health)

Text: Therese Rosenblad