Madeleine Romild – winner of the innovation competition to ‘Prevent pressure ulcers using smart textiles’

In connection with the international Stop Pressure Ulcer Day last autumn, Smart Textiles, together with Södra Älvsborg Hospital (SÄS), announced a competition that encouraged employees at both SÄS and the University of Borås to submit ideas for products that combined the prevention of pressure ulcers and smart textiles.

The winner was psychologist Madeleine Romild of the adult psychiatric clinic at the addictive behaviour unit at Solhem, Borås, whose idea was a felted throw made of wool from Värmland Forest sheep. The jury unanimously appointed it the winning entry and made the following statement:

This is a product that is made using an old technique and a material that has been employed since time immemorial, and its potentially pressure-relieving properties are worthy of systematic evaluation. In addition, the product connects to moisture and heat-regulating properties, and its structure is of great interest for closer study within the framework of biomimicry research – recreating the fantastic properties of nature in a smart material, which helps adapt the product to the high requirements of healthcare.

Last Friday, Madeleine was congratulated for her idea at a ceremony held in the Smart Textiles Showroom. After a guided tour of the Showroom and a presentation of the collaboration between SÄS and Smart Textiles, Madeleine received the award and was toasted with cider. The ceremony was attended by representatives of SÄS, Smart Textiles and the University of Borås. In collaboration with Smart Textiles, SÄS will now ensure that the winning entry is further developed in the form of a research project.