Invisble helmetNews of the Hövding helmet’s release in the autumn of 2010 hit with great impact. Media from around the world wanted to know if it was true – had a Swedish company developed an ‘invisible’ helmet? Its success was a fact and version 2.0, where smart textiles will be included, is already planned.

The Hövding helmet is referred to as invisible because it becomes a helmet only when a helmet is needed. In fact, it is worn as a collar and when an accident triggers the collar it blows up, like an airbag, and becomes a helmet. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are behind the innovation and the company Hövding. The idea was born when they were writing their thesis while training to be industrial designers.

During the development of the helmet, in 2008, they came in contact with Smart Textiles. They started up as a company based project aiming to integrate the electronics of the helmet through textiles.
“We had come too far in the process to include it in this version. But for Hövding 2.0, we will replace the electrical components with fabrics containing silver threads, to increase flexibility in the helmet,” says Anna Haupt.

Major Media Frenzy

Today, the twelve person strong company works hard to both meet the media and to prepare for mass-production, which will be starting in the spring.
“We could not have dreamed that we would get so much attention. All this media contact was not included in our planning,” says Anna Haupt.
They are currently negotiating with various retailers on the European market and think that sales will start this spring, in stores as well as through their own online shop.

In January 2011, the helmet was on display at the Textile Material Library. The Textile Material Library in the gallery on the 2nd floor of the School of Textiles, Bryggaregatan 17.

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Terese Alstin och Anna Haupt
Innovators – Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt

Written by: Therese Rosenblad
Photo: Hövding