When the Västra Götaland (VG) region sent a delegation to the Government of Tarnaka, India, in February, Swedish School of Textiles teacher Linda Worbin was invited along to lecture and host a workshop on smart textiles. The trip is one of twenty activities to have been arranged since the VG region started its cultural exchange with India in 2009. There are now hopes to renew the cooperation.

The three-year exchange in the cultural sphere covers design, film, storytelling and artistic dancing. When the Swedish School of Textiles recently opened a partnership with the Shrishit School of Design and Technology, it resulted in Linda Worbin co-hosting an on-location workshop for students of textile design, with Indian designer and researcher Mili Tharakan. During the workshop, Linda Worbin presented her research about heat sensitive materials and colours that change under heat exposure. The students then got to try the methods themselves.
“The students were very enthusiastic and interested. They wanted to learn about advanced technology, such as how electronics can be integrated into textile,” says Linda Worbin.


When the delegation visited India, it was announced Mili Tharakan that will come to the Swedish School of Textiles to guest lecture to Smart Textiles students.

“She will work under the theme of smart textiles and handicraft.”

Continued Exchange?

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Yedduyrappa, looks positively at continued partnership between the cultural spheres of Västra Götaland and Karnataka. An Indian delegation will visit Sweden this fall to follow more closely regional development areas and then take a decision on partnership.