The seminar “Medical Applications of Smart Textiles”, held by Smart Textiles and MedTech West on the 13th of March, attracted a lot of attention.
– It was a very successful day and we’ve received lots of positive feedback that will prove very useful when we organise Kompetenscentrum Medicin & Hälsa (Medicine and Health Competency Center)[EN1] , says Lena-Marie Jensen, coordinator at Smart Textiles.

Seventy representatives for the textile industry and the health care sector attended the seminar.
– We are in constant need of finding new opportunities to improve health care without having to increase resources, Sahlgrenska University Hospital CEO Jan Eriksson said as an introduction to why the new area is important and added that only the imagination sets the limits.

This was followed by a number of short presentations by researchers and others working at the frontier of smart medical textiles. To further inspire the audience, they were given a guided tour around the machine workshops at the Swedish School of Textiles and were invited to try their hand at constructing textiles with integrated electronic components.

The seminar was the initial phase in the establishment of Kompetenscentrum Medicin & Hälsa (Medicine and Health Competency Center)[EN2] , which is to be run by Smart Textiles and MedTech West.
– The aim is to bring together two different industries in order to create synergies. Events such as this one is a good way to meet, Lena-Marie Jensen says.

Another one this autumn

The next event is already being planned because of the great interest the seminar attracted.
– We were booked out weeks in advance, so we plan for another one. This autumn there will be a new opportunity for those who were unable to attend this one, Lena-Marie Jensen says.

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