Exclusive workshop with Prince Daniel in Smart Textiles Showroom

Prince Daniel held an exclusive workshop for young innovators in Smart Textiles Showroom yesterday. The prince visited the University of Borås to hold a lecture on entrepreneurship and took the opportunity to discuss entrepreneurship with students in Smart Textiles Showroom.

After a crowded lecture, a number of students got an exclusive opportunity to participate in a conversation about entrepreneurship with Prince Daniel in Smart Textiles Showroom. The idea of the discussion was to inspire and support young entrepreneurs and innovators. Prince Daniel had three experienced entrepreneurs beside him and together they answered students’ questions about how a future as an entrepreneur may look like. The three entrepreneurs where Martin Lorentzon from Borås, founder of both Tradedoubler and Spotify, Caroline Walerud, IT entrepreneur and founder of Volumental and Jonas Nordlander who along with Filip Engelbert has built one of the most valuable companies in the Swedish Internet history, Avito . Smart Textiles manager Susanne Nejderås spoked about Smart Textiles and showed prototypes developed within the initiative.

The entrepreneurs concluded the workshop with three advices: have fun, be clear about the goals and talk about things that go wrong and find the uniqueness of your business idea.

The workshop was organized by the Royal Academy. Engineering Sciences (IVA) projects Prince Daniel’s Fellowship who has gathered experienced and successful entrepreneurs to inspire and support young entrepreneurs and innovators.