2011-02-04_byggtextil_matzUsing the capacity and resources of Smart Textiles, new ideas and products will come to life as the textile and construction industries work together. That became clear during the seminar ‘Construction and Textiles – for the Future’ on Thursday, January 27th. SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Smart Textiles are behind the event.
“There is a potential market for textiles in the construction industry,” said SP’s Matz Sandström, one of the men behind the seminar.

During a full day session, progress and completed projects were presented to representatives of both the textile and construction industry (read more about the programme).
“We want to give birth to ideas and build bridges between sectors. Our dream and hope is that contacts are made today, and eventually lead to a number of projects,” says Matz Sandström.

2011-02-04_byggtextil_byggareNew Ideas

Carl-Johan Johansson is ‘an old builder’ and now head of construction and mechanics at SP. He chairs the final discussion at the seminar, but has also been involved as a listening participant.
“There are already new ideas forming in my head. It always happens when two industries cross-breed,” he says and adds, “Builders are always interested in finding new functions that can solve problems, so of course the industry is interested.”