Sustainable Development

Textile and other closely related industries today have an important challenge when it comes to R&D and production on an environmentally friendly and social responsible way. Sustainable Textiles is also one of Smart Textiles focus areas.

Within Smart Textiles we prioritize the environment and work active to integrate this in all parts of our activity. For us, sustainibility, durability, quality and functionality are also important factors for sustainable development. New sustainable solutions for the textile industry, with regard to raw materials, pre-treatment, production and use, are an expressed need of society. We see sustainability from an environmental perspective which is connected to long-term use.

All projects within the frame of Smart Textiles seek to form a method to predict future influence on the environment by a planned activity or product.

For assistance with environment expertise, there is TEKOWaste Refinery at the Swedish Technichal Institute of Research (SP), to name a few.

Smart Textiles follows University of Borås plan for sustainable development.