New exhibition in Smart Textiles Showroom

Welcome to Smart Textiles Showroom and experience the designer and Swedish Shool of Textiles student Lisa Goods collection Lacer. Lisa has developed a new contexture technique that allows the user to change the volume, design or expression of garments and accessories, depending on the needs and situation.

Lisa has a great interest for function and esthetics, especially in accessories, that little extra that you add to achieve a function or an esthetic expression. By the collection Lisa argue against the functionalist heritage and tradition to split function and decoration and make them into each other’s opposites. She believes that there is often an unnecessary division between functional accessories and fashion accessories, where objectification and gender breakdown occurs between the decorative feminine and the masculine functional.

– Often it so that what’s directed to women’s are impractical and downright debilitating, but has a certain identity expression. While what’s targeting men are more functional, but with narrow identity expressions to choose from. If you want to have both, there is not much to choose from. Therefore, I want to create accessories that are functional but also says something about the person wearing them, says Lisa Good, designer and student at the Swedish School of Textiles.

To create the collection, Lisa has collected handmade objects in lace and analyzed them from a functional point of view. The functional principles contained in these have been translated into patterns that have been cut in the fabric pieces with a laser cutter. With these pieces, you can use the new contexture technique, changing the volume, design or expressions depending on the needs and situation. The design makes it possible to build your own bag for a special occasion rather than buy a new one. From this system, she has in turn developed a collection of nine examples of constructions that show different possibilities of expression. Thoughts on sustainability are something that Lisa had in mind throughout the process, and she sees it as a matter of course. With her collection she challenges our expectations of what the feature is and how it should look.

– There is a tradition of functional garments and aesthetic accessories should look a certain way. One does not choose one over the other; it can be both functional and express what you want. You should both be able to express yourself and feel comfortable in what you are wearing, says Lisa.


Welcome in and look at the exhibition and create your own expression!

Smart Textiles Showroom is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12:00 to 15:00pm