Smart Textiles + the Textile Museum of Sweden = Textile Power

Smart Textiles is showing new textile innovations in the Textile Museum of Sweden’s new permanent exhibition ‘Textile Power’, and was involved in the exhibition’s opening via an innovative, one-of-a-kind concert that made use of a textile tablecloth.

‘Textile Power’ is a permanent exhibition that presents the local development of the textile industry in Borås and the Sjuhärad area. The exhibition starts with the Industrial Revolution and extends to the present day, and revolves around technology and inventions as well as working life, living conditions and consumption in the mass-production countries of today. As part of the exhibition, Smart Textiles displays textile innovations of the future in the form of prototypes, which give an entirely new perspective on what textiles can be used for. During the opening of the exhibition a concert was played using a musical tablecloth, and interested visitors were given a chance to play.

Don’t miss doctoral student Linnéa Nilsson’s 3D printed textiles in the exhibition in ‘Svängrummet’ (’the revolving room’) at the Textile Museum of Sweden. These were created during the ‘Open Structures’ project, with the objective of allowing users who sketch with the material to change both its appearance and physical properties.

Visitors to ‘Textile Power’ and the Smart Textiles Showroom are very welcome. The opening hours of the Showroom are Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12 noon to 3pm.