A tablecloth that one can play the drums or piano on has become quite the celebrity, both in Sweden and abroad. A creative innovation that opens doors for other valuable technology.

First up was the Norwegian TV show Forbrukerinspektørene (’consumer inspectors’) that, a few weeks ago, visited us to film for a news segment. Among other things, we displayed the drum tablecloth made by Mats Johansson and Li Guo, and it didn’t take long until it was both seen and heard in and on, for example, TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon, Sveriges Radio P4 and Elektroniktidningen. This week, we will also feature in two segments on Sveriges Radio.

A great advantage of being this much in the limelight is that many more people become aware of our other innovations. This is something that Norway’s second-most popular TV show (after the news) contributed to, as they also showed ‘Mollii’, a dress that, through electrical stimulating the user’s muscles, provides improved quality of life to people suffering from neurological disabilities; Pjama, pyjama trousers for people who have problems with nocturnal incontinence; and the ‘Elevator stories’ prototype, which prevents awkward silences in the elevator.

Since the broadcast, Pjama has experienced a surge of interest on the Norwegian market, and we hope that the recent media attention will result in even more people discovering our inventions and assistive devices.