17 F CONTEXTILE – Textile Concrete for Better Surface Properties

Company: Hedareds Sand och Betong AB
Head of Project: Kristofer Samuelsson 
Project duration: 2007-05-29 – 2008-06-30

Concrete is the most commonly used construction material in the world and represents a large portion of the natural resources used in building construction. Thus, there is an increasing interest in durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete surfaces in the construction industry. Unfortunately, the level of technology of today does not meet the increasing requirements for durability. Natural decomposition processes cause cracking and breakdown of all outward concrete surfaces, such as façade elements and concrete roofing tiles. This project is an attempt to meet higher durability requirements by developing concrete which has been combined with textiles in order to achieve better surface properties and increase durability. One consequence is that the consumption of non-renewable natural resources will decrease and so help preserve the environment. The project will result in the manufacture of new textile products for the construction industry, which is a market of vast potential for the textile industry.