09 F Adhesion between Advanced Functional Layers in High-Strength Textiles

Company: Saab Barracuda AB
Head of Project: Johan Zaar
Project duration: 2006-12-15 – 2008-06-30

Barracuda manufactures signature managing materials (camouflage materials) which are often constructed of several complex layers in order to manage the emitted or reflected signal. Our previous, unsuccessful studies have investigated whether it is possible to create an adhesive-friendly surface with different forms of washing processes. In this project we will focus on eliminating PVC in such signature managing materials. The presence of PVC in such materials affects fabric softeners negatively. It is worth mentioning that the adhesion problem concerning PVC was solved years ago. The purpose of the project is to find commercially viable methods to achieve adhesion between smooth, high-strength filament yarn fabrics and several layers of polymer coatings. The selection of polymers will primarily be made from the polymer families water-based PUR and polyolefin. As of yet, acceptable levels of adhesion has not been reached for these materials.