05 F Surface Modification of Polymer Fibres Using Plasma Technology

Company: Scandfilter AB
Head of Project: Thomas Karlsson
Project duration: 2006-12-15 – 2008-06-30

The material in filters are made in polymer fibres using a Melt Blown technique. New techniques for tailoring fibres with unique properties for different purposes has proven to be an application of interest to the filter industry. Another form of technology which has also become increasingly interesting is plasma treatment of fibres. Today, there are commercial plants performing plasma treatments. This technology has so far primarily been used to make fibres hydrophilic. However, recent scientific findings concerning this technology indicates it may be possible to have the fibre adsorb gases. The purpose of this project is to investigate the possibility of different kinds of plasma treatments allows the performance of surface modifications on Melt Blown materials to facilitate gas adsorption in a laboratory environment. After the Melt Blown material has been treated, its ability to adsorb gas and separate particles will be measured and quantified.