04 F Coating of Textile Materials with Conductive Polymers

Company: FOV Fabrics AB, Almedahls-Kinna AB, Albany International AB, Scandfilter AB
Project duration: 2007-01-11 – 2008-06-30

The demand for textile materials with the ability to conduct electricity increases. Although the purpose sometimes involves creating additional value in existing textile products, it primarily is primarily to develop new types of products which utilise the unique characteristics of the textile material. This project proposal is a continuation of the Knowledge Foundation funded project Antistatic and Electrically Conductive Coatings for Textile Materials which was conducted in 2005-2006. The goal of that project was to develop conductive textiles and the project studied the technical possibility of coating textiles with dispersions consisting of conductive polymers. Three different polymers were used, one of which was polyaniline, and textile coatings with different degrees of conductive ability were developed. The materials were then tested, including for example ageing tests. The project identified several essential factors concerning both the combinations of materials in themselves and the behaviour of the materials during the coating process. The preparation of the dispersions requires further development due to the fact that problems were noted concerning the homogeneity and adhesion of the coating. Moreover, the textile properties require further development as for example the conductive coatings are sensitive to bending, heat and moisture.