02 F Functional Styling/Smart Styling

Company: Kasthall Mattor och Golv AB
Head of Project: Anna Schou
Duration of project: 2006-12-15 – 2008-06-30

Kasthall is a textile company with a long tradition of manufacturing rugs and carpets, primarily through weaving and tufting. New smart textile materials and textile constructions are not always compatible with contemporary machinery, which often focus on speed and low production costs. Development of new textiles requires a more craftsmanlike approach, which is something Kasthall can provide. Smart textiles may be developed into a form of modern handicraft where one for example weaves fabrics using electrically conductive yarns or components. This is both to achieve craftsmanlike decorative and aesthetic aspects and to provide the textile with improved functionality. By combining decoration (also known as styling) with the smart functions of the new materials, a mix of the two, so-called functional styling, is achieved. This is an area in which Kasthall has a long working tradition concerning traditional textile materials, carpets and rugs. However, regarding new smart materials and the development of functionality in such materials, Kasthall has yet to develop a product. The purpose is to examine smart textile materials in order to develop new techniques and approaches to the carpet/rug and the textile pattern, that is smart styling.